dun-colored dun-colored


  • (adj) having a dun color


  1. Drawbacks: you lose nearly a tenth of a tater with the skin and generate a dun-colored, viscous by-product, used as cattle feed.
  2. In the gloom drivers could scarcely distinguish the dun-colored shapes that marked the changing boundaries of the course.
  3. Round round he circled over a black smudge on the dun-colored wasteland.


  • Speaker talks about effort to aid Afghan farmers

    Robert Clauto left the United States around Christmas 2011. He was bound for the patchy, dun-colored Afghan countryside – a small military outpost in Orgun, East Paktika, a southeastern pocket on the border of the landlocked nation.
    on March 28, 2014     Source: The Tribune-Democrat

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