duality duality  /du ˈæ lə ti/


  1. (n) being twofold; a classification into two opposed parts or subclasses
  2. (n) (physics) the property of matter and electromagnetic radiation that is characterized by the fact that some properties can be explained best by wave theory and others by particle theory
  3. (n) (geometry) the interchangeability of the roles of points and planes in the theorems of projective geometry



  1. Society has always had this Taylor-sisters duality in its attitude toward young women.
  2. Entertaining the idea of mind-body duality invites the scorn of those who regard any attempt to dabble beyond the boundaries of conventional science as a waste of time.
  3. The economy is showing signs of slowing growth and oil-fueled inflation, a potentially dire duality.


  • Silver market duality

    Duality in trade in the precious metals markets has existed for decades. The decoupling has never been more obvious with the seeming dichotomy of prices versus demand and production.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Resource Investor


  1. "He's got a particular skill set as an actor that makes him perfect for this," Greengrass said. "He's a brilliant actor of duality. He's done it on a number of films back from the beginning. `Ripley's' a classic example. Because he's got that...
    on Jul 31, 2007 By: Paul Greengrass Source: Forbes

  2. Shiner says Kooza "is about human connection and the world of duality of good and bad."
    on Jun 11, 2010 By: David Shiner Source: Calgary Sun

  3. "I couldn't be more excited about Drop Dead Diva," said JoAnn Alfano, Executive Vice President, Lifetime Networks. "It's the type of show that truly enhances The Lifetime brand - the duality of emotionally compelling drama with an equal...
    on Jan 15, 2009 By: Joann Alfano Source: Broadway World

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