droplet droplet  /d ˈrɑ plət/


  • (n) a tiny drop


  1. Calculations showed that if droplet had to hit droplet, it would take two to 200 hours for sterilization of sprayed air to take place.
  2. Then Zeus transfers each precious droplet to a nearby sheet of nylon, moistens a designated spot and pivots back to the glass plates to find the next sample on its list.
  3. Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins emerged from the Cabinet morgue to find this droplet impressive.


  1. New Product Eliminates Trash-Room Odors

    Prolitec's Air/Q Trash Odor Control Uses Patented Micro-Droplet Technology to Cancel Malodors
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Marketwire

  2. Leak of Obama's Directive 20 indicates preparations for cyberwar

    With all the leaks lately, the latest “top-secret” information reported is one more droplet in a flood. The 18-page Presidential Policy Directive 20, a list of potential targets for U.S. read more
    on June 8, 2013     Source: TheCelebrityCafe.com


  1. "Why should new customers get a complementary umbrella," asks Jeremy with his trademark dramatic pausing delivery, "while everyone else just gets......[sound of a droplet dripping]...... wet?"
    on Jul 21, 2004 By: Jeremy Clarkson Source: BBC News

  2. "If these are infected chickens, then the risk that they [chicken farmers] contract the disease through droplet infection is extremely high," Wagner said. "So our strong recommendation is that everyone who works on disposing of these...
    on Jan 28, 2004 By: Richard Wagner Source: Asia Times Online

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