dreadlock dreadlock


  • (n) one of many long thin braids of hair radiating from the scalp; popularized by Rastafarians


  1. A spray of dreadlocks, a sinuous beat, a voice singing of revolution, revelation and romance.
  2. Amiable and rotund, he sports shoulder-length dreadlocks that make him look more like a Rastafarian reggae singer than a computer scientist.
  3. BEST HAIR Carlos Valderrama set the bar too high in Italia '90 and USA '94nobody even came close to the Colombian's golden dreadlocks.



  1. "I'd say what you've got there is James Ford, a bit of a Ghostbuster, ex Dreadlock, and Josh who takes a bit of a Bill Sykes approach to it," Turner said. "The way Bill Sykes would approach eating an apple - like with a dagger - Josh is like...
    on Aug 25, 2009 By: Alex Turner Source: MTV.com

  2. "The worst possible thing you can have with dreadlocks is a dread fringe," Butler says. "So I looked in the mirror, pulled my dreads down and gave myself a dreadlock fringe, like Dave Chappelle doing Rick James. Once you have a dread fringe...
    on Mar 17, 2010 By: John Butler Source: Herald Sun

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