downstroke downstroke


  • (n) a stroke normally made in a downward direction


  1. Most of all, he likes perfectionists people who make their d's Greek-style, from the bottom up after an initial downstroke.
  2. But in the two-cycle diesel, every downstroke has an explosive push behind it.
  3. At the end of the downstroke, the wing is far forward.


  1. "Once you get the initial downstroke [in funding], the rest almost always comes through," Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty said. "This vote is more than just securing a percentage of funding. This is more of a commitment from Congress."
    on Dec 20, 2007 By: Rich Crotty Source: Orlando Sentinel

  2. "I was thinking about putting black people where folks wouldn't picture them. That's why I got the idea of a spaceship with me sitting outside like a pimpmobile," Clinton said. "Once Parliament got a hit record with 'Up for the Downstroke,' I...
    on May 8, 2007 By: George Clinton Source: Kansas City Star

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