dowager dowager  /ˈdaʊ ə dʒər/


  • (n) a widow holding property received from her deceased husband


  1. Albee is exorcising his own demons in having the dowager deny her homosexual son.
  2. At an age when Smith and Wellesley girls are translucent she was as opaque and baffling to a diplomat as to a dowager.
  3. In fact, she says, the dowager's hump that afflicts many elderly women is the result of multiple, accumulated fractures to the vertebrae.


  • Paul Giamatti Will Be the Next Ugly American on 'Downton Abbey'

    If the Dowager Countess Downton Abbey had problems with Shirley Maclaine's Americanness, just what on Earth is she going to do with Paul Giamatti. Cinema's reigning whiner-in-chief is set for a guest stint on the show, playing Harold Levinson, the brother of Downton matriarch Cora, Michael Ausiello of TVLine reported. 
    on June 24, 2013     Source: The Atlantic Wire via Yahoo! News


  1. Brown "is like some sherry-crazed old dowager who has lost the family silver at roulette, and who now decides to double up by betting the house as well," Johnson wrote. "He is like a drunk who has woken to the most appalling hangover, and who...
    on Nov 25, 2008 By: Boris Johnson Source: Bloomberg

  2. "I think, thanks to plastic surgery, America no longer has any dowager figures," Paglia says. "But here is Dame Edna, filling that role; pulling the strings. And she is a wonderful explosion of, and spoof of, celebrity culture. She announces...
    on Mar 24, 2005 By: Camille Paglia Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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