donee donee


  • (n) the recipient of funds or other benefits


  • Last week she appeared at Manhattan's Presbyterian Hospital, gave a pint of her blue blood to Britain, did not stipulate any particular donee.



  1. "South Korea has transformed itself from a donee country into a donor country. We'll now have to make our nation the leader in the global history, rather than the follower in the global history," said Lee.
    on Feb 29, 2008 By: Lee Myung-bak Source: Yonhap News

  2. "I came expecting to see someone really ill. But she was polished, her nails were donee, her hair was in place, and she was just serving it up," said Jakes, whose MegaFest Christian gathering has become an Atlanta tradition.
    on Feb 7, 2006 By: TD Jakes Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

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