dogtrot dogtrot


  • (n) a steady trot like that of a dog


  1. As Joe's committee counsel, he moves around the room at a dogtrot, speaks like a machine gun.
  2. When he started to go to school at Madisonville, Ohio, Clarence DeMar found it more pleasant to dogtrot than to walk.
  3. Plump Ron Northey gratefully slowed to a dogtrot.


  • A Houstonian's stylish weekend getaway retreat is pure country comfort

    A classic "dogtrot" divides the downstairs kitchen and living room at Chad Neal's weekend getaway near Shelby. Interior designer Susan White found ways to incorporate vintage fishing poles, handmade fishing nets and doilies created by Neal's late grandparents around the house.
    on October 18, 2013     Source:

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