dogsbody dogsbody


  • (n) a worker who has to do all the unpleasant or boring jobs that no one else wants to do


  • And maybe Peter takes satisfaction in being a dogsbody for the sleazy Michael.


  1. "We don't want him having to bowl the dogsbody overs," Strauss said. "It's something I'm very conscious of. When the ball's old and the wicket's flat, the other four [bowlers] can make up the overs."
    on Jul 27, 2009 By: Andrew Strauss Source: Times Online

  2. Another promotion followed, to the BBC's director of programmes, which, Attenborough says, "meant doing much more dogsbody work. I had to fire people and work on budgets. I was even responsible for the introduction of computers, which my children...
    on Sep 25, 2009 By: David Attenborough Source:

  3. Mrs Hain, who lives in South London, told yesterday's Independent on Sunday, "I'ma general dogsbody. I work from home on both Peter's House of Commons work and his constituency correspondence. I certainly put in the hours and I'm paid a pittance."
    on Feb 3, 2008 By: Peter Hain Source: ic Wales

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