dogma dogma  /ˈdɑɡ mə/


  1. (n) a religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true without proof
  2. (n) a doctrine or code of beliefs accepted as authoritative

Derived Word(s)


  1. Helping young Muslims gain skills and jobs will dilute the lure of extremist dogma.
  2. By showing that adult brains can grow new nerve cells he stood neurobiological dogma on its head.
  3. American Catholics suggest priorities for the new Pontiff: Essay: The Vicar of Orthodoxy The Pope's dogma is a circular system that's immune to reasoned query.


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  1. "This is not a time for conventional thinking or outdated dogma but for the fresh and innovative intervention that gets to the heart of the problem," Prime Minister Gordon Brown told a news conference.
    on Oct 8, 2008 By: Gordon Brown Source: ABC News

  2. In its citation, the Nobel Assembly said zur Hausen "went against current dogma" when he found that oncogenic human papilloma virus, or HPV, caused cervical cancer, the second most common cancer among women.
    on Oct 6, 2008 By: Alfred Nobel Source: Detroit Free Press

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