divorcee divorcee  /də ˈvɔr ˌsi/


  • (n) a divorced woman or a woman who is separated from her husband


  1. Though Gertrude Baniszewski, a divorcee, pleaded insanity, three court-appointed psychiatrists pronounced her sane.
  2. The new divorcee gets her elaborate Spanish decree with its impressive ribbons and seals.
  3. Long before Mills secured a place in history as Britain's second-most-famous divorcee, she was already finding ways to emulate the country's most-famous divorcee.



  1. "All of these characters are at crossroads in their lives. An actress aging who can't get work. A divorcee. I didn't want this to be a show about how the women look but where they're going next in their lives. And that's what it does," Leeves says.
    on Jun 15, 2010 By: Jane Leeves Source: Kansas City Star

  2. His biographer Alicia Drake says that the Saint Laurent woman no longer was the personification of urban beauty, but had "grown up into a 45-year-old divorcee whose vice no longer manifested itself in afternoon sexual dalliances but in how much...
    on Jun 29, 2010 By: Alicia Drake Source: Delhi Newsline

  3. "I was a woman, a divorcee, a socialist, an agnostic . . . all possible sins together," said Bachelet, who married a fellow Chilean exile while in East Germany.
    on Jan 15, 2006 By: Michelle Bachelet Source: Brooks Bulletin

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