disinheritance disinheritance


  • (n) the act by a donor that terminates the right of a person to inherit


  1. A young sciondisinheritance for helping the poor girla prize fight for money and renowna knockout wham! An irate fatherpurchase of a rag dollforgivenesswow!.
  2. The marriage, which produced Arndt, ended in 1941, after Gustav threatened Alfried with disinheritance.
  3. Suspecting nothing, the son connives so enthusiastically at his own disinheritance that he wins her heart as he gives her a child.


  1. Mr Bhutto said there was a "sense of cultural deprivation or historical disinheritance" caused by Britain hanging on to precious objects collected around the British Empire.
    on Dec 28, 2006 By: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Source: BBC News

  2. ...night, former head of the Department of Finance TK Whitaker, who worked with Mr Haughey in the late 1960s when he was minister for finance, said: "He deserves credit, especially for the protection of widows against disinheritance. That was...
    on Jun 14, 2006 By: TK Whitaker Source: Irish Times

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