disgruntle disgruntle


  • (v) put into a bad mood or into bad humour


  1. Tapping the disgruntled ex-Emperor as figurehead ruler, the Japanese promised him a kingdom to match his royal breeding.
  2. But lately, Florida's disgruntled Republicans aren't looking very moderate.
  3. Overall, Yelp proves that you can't please everybody, as even the best places may have a scathing review from a disgruntled writer.


  • 101 York project facing strong resistance

    Building size, lack of parking disgruntle community leaders before public PUD meeting DMS Development will bring its plans for 101 York, a 571-bed Towson University student housing project, to a wide audience at a planned unit development (PUD) public meeting Wednesday, yet a few weeks after the plans were submitted to Councilman David Marks, many of Towson's stakeholder groups already had made ...
    on October 29, 2013     Source: Baltimore Sun

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