disembowel disembowel


  • (v) remove the entrails of



  1. When you kill cats, disembowel them and cut their heads off, that is not a good sign, and you do not have to be Sigmund Freud to see that.
  2. Fortifying himself with the wine, he sloshed kerosene over the tindery brush, lit it, then made an earnest effort to disembowel himself.
  3. Conservatives are worried that democracy will disembowel velayat-e faqih--and the clerical establishment along with it.


  • Play relives the rants of famed Molly Ivins

    Columnist and author Molly Ivins was a lot like the state of Texas she loved: bold, brash and sometimes contradictory. She used humor to disembowel politicians and issues she didn't like, and being an unashamed liberal and feminist, that generally meant conservatives.
    on November 15, 2013     Source: Boulder Daily Camera


  1. "We live in a world where you can disembowel someone in a youth hostel in Romania, but you can't show people having sex," Rogen said in reference to the horror film "Hostel."
    on Jul 28, 2008 By: Seth Rogen Source: KNBC.com

  2. "An estimated 20 000-80 000 Chinese women were raped," Chang wrote. "Many soldiers went beyond rape to disembowel women, slice off their breasts, nail them alive to walls. Fathers were forced to rape their daughters and sons their mothers as...
    on Nov 12, 2004 By: Iris Chang Source: Independent Online

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