discontinuation discontinuation  /ˌdɪs kən ˌtɪn ju ˈeɪ ʃən/


  • (n) the act of discontinuing or breaking off; an interruption (temporary or permanent)


  1. Reflection on Sales: On the brink of discontinuation before Cruise wore them; sales soared after the film.
  2. The continuation or discontinuation of work on the canal is not essential.
  3. Consider: a slow-selling line of chicken pieces was slated for discontinuation at Sam's Clubs.



  1. "As with other safeguards agreements between the agency and member states, the agreement is of indefinite duration. There are no conditions for discontinuation ...... other than those provided by the safeguards agreement itself," Mr Elbaradei said.
    on Aug 2, 2008 By: Mohamed ElBaradei Source: Times of Malta

  2. "The way we see China evolving in the second half is good and stable," said Jorma Ollila, chief executive officer of Nokia, the world's second-biggest maker of mobile-phone networks. "We have not seen any disturbance or discontinuation of...
    on Jul 15, 2004 By: Jorma Ollila Source: Bloomberg

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