disciple disciple  /dɪs ˈaɪ pəl/


  • (n) someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another


  1. Runaway Disciple Of all his strange disciples the one who has caused Mahatma Gandhi the sharpest pangs of dismay is plump pleasing Nilla Cram Cook, 23-year-old.
  2. Wright, a disciple of the Russian-born mystic Georgi Gurdjieff, was spellbound by some coincidences between the living and the dead.
  3. Here he was, the grand master, sharing his passion, knowledge and intuition with a new disciple.


  • Mark Adamo’s Opera Makes a Wife of Mary Magdalene

    Mark Adamo based his opera “The Gospel of Mary Magdalene” on a study of texts that led him to conclude that she had been Jesus’ most important disciple — and his wife.
    on June 21, 2013     Source: New York Times


  1. "You must be as chagrined as I am to have Nixon for your disciple," Friedman wrote.
    on Nov 16, 2006 By: Milton Friedman Source: FOXNews

  2. "Mike is a winner and is not only committed to the future of this organization, but as a disciple of Hubie Brown, he will continue the spirit, energy and respect that this team has earned under Hubie's leadership," said Jerry West, the...
    on Dec 2, 2004 By: Jerry West Source: USA Today

  3. "I'm a street disciple," Nas responded, quoting one of his earlier album titles. "To think I'm gonna say something that's not intellectual is calling me a nigger, and to be called a nigger by Jesse Jackson and the NAACP is counterproductive,...
    on Oct 18, 2007 By: Nas Source: MTV.com

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