disarranged disarranged


  • (adj) having the arrangement disturbed; not in order


  1. His dark brown hair, quickly parted on the left, looks slightly disarranged.
  2. Bric-a-brac fell from shelves in Medford, and antimacassars were disarranged in Maiden.
  3. Thrown completely out of gear, the Son of Heaven's program for the day became so disarranged that at one point he had to wait 20 minutesa sacrilege unspeakable.


  • Air Leaking Out Of Tax Reform Efforts

    If Congress is going to reform the tax code, it will take an enormous amount of hard work and a lot of luck. The stars, as they say, will have to align. Unfortunately, those galactic bodies seem to be getting more and more disarranged. Reform just can’t catch a break. The deficit is shrinking, taking away [...]
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Forbes Blogs

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