dimness dimness


  1. (n) the state of being poorly illuminated
  2. (n) the property of lights or sounds that lack brilliance or are reduced in intensity
  3. (n) the quality of being dim or lacking contrast



  1. In 18th century England his eponymous protagonist peers into the candle-lit dimness of stately homes, seeking clues to correct behavior.
  2. Amazingly, Copley carries the film, bringing to a most demanding role the scheming dimness of Harry Dean Stanton mixed with the dogged, unwarranted optimism of Steve Carell.
  3. It was the flip side of his, um, dimness and seemed to promise frankness if nothing else.


  • The launch of another season

    The woodland ground was dark in the dimness of early morning, but I could see the bright specks of fresh hickory-nut cuttings in the old woods road under the big sweet pignut.
    on August 24, 2013     Source: The Ledger Independent


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