diminuendo diminuendo


  1. (n) (music) a gradual decrease in loudness
  2. (adj) gradually decreasing in volume



  1. Just as the adagio tails off in an eerie diminuendo, Traces ends with the anguish of the woman left unresolved.
  2. Yet one sound was remarkable in its very diminuendo.
  3. For Broadway theater, the new millennium has started on a note of musical diminuendo.


  1. "The most spectacular single moment," Bing wrote in his 1972 memoir, "5,000 Nights at the Opera," was "when I heard his diminuendo on the high C in 'Salut! Demeure' in 'Faust.' I shall never as long as I live forget the beauty of that...
    on Mar 4, 2008 By: Rudolf Bing Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. In Forth Bridge - Cinema.Metric Space, Mr Appelt said that the work "emerges like a musical score from the filmic frame", and as the eye follows the bridge's iron frame a "sense of crescendo and diminuendo is visible".
    on Sep 6, 2007 By: Dieter Appelt Source: BBC News

  3. "The Duke Ellington set [from 1956] stands out," Walton said "We've been playing the [Ellington] song Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue, which he performed at Newport. And we've been paying tribute to Miles [Davis] and Dizzy [Gillespie] and...
    on Mar 17, 2004 By: Cedar Walton Source: Globe and Mail

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