devastation devastation  /ˌdɛ və ˈsteɪ ʃən/


  1. (n) the state of being decayed or destroyed
  2. (n) the feeling of being confounded or overwhelmed
  3. (n) an event that results in total destruction
  4. (n) plundering with excessive damage and destruction
  5. (n) the termination of something by causing so much damage to it that it cannot be repaired or no longer exists



  1. The area is a picture of devastation.
  2. Two years later, Hurricane Agnes brought even greater devastation, killing 118 people and leaving over $3 billion in damage.
  3. They are helping communities rebuild after the devastation of hurricanes and floods.


  1. City encourages residents to sign up for alerts

    With the recent devastation of the tornado in Oklahoma and the severe weather last week, now is a good time to sign up for Weather Warn with the city of Celina.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: The Celina Record

  2. New York Has A New $20 Billion Plan To Protect Itself From The Next Super Storm

    Mayor Bloomberg outlines a system of flood prevention and storm preparation so that the city can withstand a once-in-500-years storm. After the devastation of Sandy was over, New Yorkers both in and out of city government began having the inevitable conversation: What do we do to stop this from happening next time? Most ambitiously, some scientists proposed a system of giant flood walls that ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Fast Company Magazine

  3. Bloomberg unveils initiative to protect New York City from climate change

    Citing the perils of climate change and the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday called for a sweeping $19.5 billion initiative that would include new coastal protections and zoning codes for the city as well as new standards for telecommunications and fuel provision. “I strongly believe we have [...]
    on June 12, 2013     Source: The Lookout via Yahoo! News


  1. "These fires are causing terrible and tragic devastation in our state, but we are responding and we will not stop until everyone is safe," Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said.
    on Oct 23, 2007 By: Arnold Schwarzenegger Source:

  2. General Motors Corp. CEO Rick Wagoner said that failure of the auto industry "would be catastrophic," resulting in three million jobs lost within the first year and "economic devastation (that) would far exceed the government support that our...
    on Nov 18, 2008 By: Rick Wagoner Source: International Herald Tribune

  3. "You really are overwhelmed when you see it," Iowa Gov. Chet Culver said at a news conference Monday after touring the Parkersburg area. "You can't imagine this kind of devastation, homes completely gone. And to see people trying to sort...
    on May 26, 2006 By: Chet Culver Source: 940 News

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