deuteron deuteron


  • (n) the nucleus of deuterium; consists of one proton and one neutron; used as a bombarding particle in accelerators


  1. Discovery of the anti-deuteron shows that there must be a nuclear force binding the particles of antimatter that is equivalent to the one binding particles of ordinary matter.
  2. He wants deuteron or deuton to be the name of its atomic nucleus.
  3. By his method, Rabi learned, for example, that the deuteron, the simplest known nucleus, revolves like a football spinning end over end.


  • Tiny drops of hot quark soup: How small can they be?

    New analyses of deuteron-gold collisions indicate that collisions between gold ions and much smaller deuterons, designed as control experiments, may be serving up miniscule drops of hot quark-gluon plasma.
    on December 9, 2013     Source: Science Daily

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