detoxify detoxify  /dɪ ˈtɑk sə ˌfaɪ/


  1. (v) remove poison from
  2. (v) treat for alcohol or drug dependence



  1. That's why my neighborhood is full of places you can go to detoxify with colonics, get healed with crystals and magnets and buy non--genetically engineered food.
  2. It boasts a fistful of phytochemicals, including sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol, that may detoxify cancer-causing substances before they have a chance to cause harm.
  3. The Self-Purifying Trend Wanna detoxify feb.


  • Edison teaches swimming to special needs students

    The healing power of water has been well-documented in history, from Hippocrates using water to treat illness and disease to the Egyptians bathing in the Nile for its curative effects and the Romans lounging in public baths to detoxify.
    on June 6, 2013     Source: Orange County Register


  1. In response, Jackson agreed that "The air is toxic" and said that "The momentum to detoxify the airwaves to create a higher decency standard for our children, must apply across the board."
    on Apr 17, 2007 By: Jesse Jackson Source: Accuracy In Media

  2. "We appreciate the support of Detoxify and Makoto Ginger Dressing for the Daytona 500," said team owner Bob Jenkins. "The guys in the shop have been working very hard all winter to prepare the car. If there is any correlation between the...
    on Feb 13, 2007 By: Bob Jenkins Source: (press release)

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