denature denature  /dɪ ˈneɪ tʃər/


  1. (v) add nonfissionable material to (fissionable material) so as to make unsuitable for use in an atomic bomb
  2. (v) modify (as a native protein) especially by heat, acid, alkali, or ultraviolet radiation so that all of the original properties are removed or diminished
  3. (v) make (alcohol) unfit for drinking without impairing usefulness for other purposes


  1. The big problem was how to denature plutonium, produced by elaborate equipment from the mixture of U-235 and U-238.
  2. Meanwhile, the Government and the learned bootlegger waged chemical warfare, the one trying to denature industrial alcohol, the other trying to renature it for beverage purposes.
  3. The villain of Highway is, curiously, Nashville: that is, the record labels that wanted to denature country's honky-tonk heart and turn the music into pop with a fiddle.
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