delusive delusive


  • (adj) inappropriate to reality or facts


  1. The just biographer must be proof against the delusive magic of medieval names and picaresque histories.
  2. Waves of adoration can be delusive, and in 1983 this amiable man seriously considered a presidential run.
  3. Mem'ried, his passion lingers with still delusive sway, Though truth's relentless fingers long.


  • Paul Lewis: Confronting Schubert's Nightmare

    See the English pianist play a movement from one of Schubert's final sonatas, written when the specter of death was never far away. Lewis describes the music in terms of a haunting, delusive dream: "And you wake up from it, but then you realize that, actually, the nightmare is reality."
    on November 8, 2013     Source: NPR

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