deft deft  /ˈdɛft/


  • (adj) skillful in physical movements; especially of the hands



  1. The book is a deft portrait of the dilemmas facing South Africa now that apartheid has been vanquished and more mundane problems intrude.
  2. Though he portrays himself as a bluff, plain-speaking military man drawn into politics by circumstances beyond his control, he has proved to be a deft political manipulator.
  3. In a sport dominated by gigantic power wrestlers, the relatively light Asashoryu has made quickness and deft execution of difficult moves his signature style.


  1. Lionel Hollins interviews for head coaching job with Denver Nuggets

    He is basketball’s Jack Del Rio, a man who thrived at playing defense and now comes alive coaching it, using deft methods to make men into maulers. Could Lionel Hollins turn the Nuggets into defensive stalwarts as defensive coordinator Del Rio did the Broncos? That’s part of the allure, part of why Nuggets management interviewed Hollins on [...]
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Inside Hoops

  2. Hollins may bring toughness to Nuggets

    DENVER -- He is basketball's Jack Del Rio, a man who thrived at playing defense and now comes alive coaching it, using deft methods to make men into maulers.
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Boulder Daily Camera

  3. Much Ado About Nothing

    Joss Whedon's deft direction makes thoughtful use of gesture and physical comedy in this Shakespeare re-do by Harry Kloman In the canon of William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing is probably the most difficult work — to mess up: It's charming and familiar, a diptych love story with two happy endings, albeit with a slightly dark middle as conflicts play out. Joss Whedon's new filming takes ...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Pittsburgh City Paper


  1. "Condi Rice," McClellan writes, "is hard to get to know. She plays her cards close to the vest, usually saving her views for private discussions with Bush. Over time, however, I was struck by how deft she is at protecting her reputation. No matter...
    on May 29, 2008 By: Scott McClellan Source: Los Angeles Times

  2. Obama added, "It's been very deft politically, but one of the things that I firmly believe is that we've got to be clear with the American people."
    on Oct 28, 2007 By: Barack Obama Source: FOXNews

  3. "Leading a military organization in this part of the world requires a deft touch, a diplomat's sensibilities, a scholar's sense of the past and a commercial tycoon's business savvy," Gates said.
    on Oct 20, 2009 By: Robert Gates Source: Voice of America

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