defoliation defoliation


  1. (n) the loss of foliage
  2. (n) causing the leaves of trees and other plants to fall off (as by the use of chemicals)


  1. While the noisy conflict in Cambodia has seized the headlines, the quiet defoliation of South Viet Nam has become the focus of well-informed outrage.
  2. Complete defoliation could also cause laterization, the destructive process that occurs in some tropical soils when removal of vegetation exposes them to erosion and sunlight.
  3. At present, there is little doubt that defoliation operations will continue.


  1. Damage to oaks, firs in Willamette Valley caused by native moth

    Conspicuous damage and defoliation to oak and fir trees in the Willamette Valley is grabbing the attention of many landowners.
    on August 8, 2013     Source: Salem Statesman Journal

  2. NJ gypsy moth populations on the rise

    TRENTON — This summer’s annual New Jersey Department of Agriculture statewide gypsy moth aerial defoliation survey showed 2,887 acres of trees in 51 municipalities in 17 counties received moderate to severe damage this year from the leaf-eating invasive pests.
    on August 7, 2013     Source: The Advertiser-News


  1. "Our parks staff have indicated a number of trees are defoliating and canopies are thinning. Once defoliation takes place it is very hard to save the tree," said Doyle.
    on Jan 28, 2009 By: Robert Doyle Source: Reuters

  2. "One of the interesting things about any type of major natural disturbance - fires, hurricanes or in this case insect defoliation and mortality - is despite the fact that it looks catastrophic, so much of the forest is still intact," said David...
    on Jul 6, 2010 By: David Foster Source: Martha's Vineyard Gazette

  3. "We're more concerned now with the condition of the trees and setting next year's crop," Spencer explained. "The next step beyond (leaf) defoliation is the potential damage to the wood at the small to medium branch level. The longer the...
    on Jan 17, 2007 By: Mark Spencer Source: Western Farm Press

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