declarable declarable


  • (adj) that must be declared


  1. "The real issue -- and this is where we've got to look at what we're doing -- is the rules are at the present time that none of this is declarable," Martin added. "I think we should ask whether the rules shouldn't be more transparent."
    on Dec 2, 2003 By: Paul Martin Source:

  2. "I had practiced law for 13 years. I wasn't a tax lawyer, but my understanding of the tax law ...... was that a retainer is not declarable as income until it's used that way, and therefore I treated it in that manner," said Mulroney.
    on May 13, 2009 By: Brian Mulroney Source:

  3. A spokeswoman for Hain said: "All donations above the declarable threshold have been registered with the Electoral Commission and the Register of Members' Interests. Peter is satisfied that no conflicts of interest arose from the financing of his...
    on Jan 19, 2008 By: Peter Hain Source: Times Online

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