debasement debasement  /də ˈbeɪs mənt/


  1. (n) being mixed with extraneous material; the product of adulterating
  2. (n) changing to a lower state (a less respected state)



  1. There's something ugly and fascinating about reading such intimate tales of debasement and depression and failure and self-doubt.
  2. That somethin' is clearly sexual debasement, and Mitchum drawling, slavering, exposing his sick erotic magnetism makes the threat as explicit as the early '60s could allow.
  3. The burqa is not a religious sign; it's a sign of subservience, a sign of debasement.


  • Bernanke's real message for gold investors

    Don't fall for propaganda from the Federal Reserve about tapering quantitative easing, says ShadowStats editor John Williams. His corrected economic indicators show the U.S. is nowhere near a recovery and the Fed will have to increase bond buying to prop up banks and push off inevitable dollar debasement.
    on June 25, 2013     Source: Resource Investor


  1. "The burqa is not a religious sign, it's a sign of subservience, a sign of debasement, I want to say it solemnly," he said.
    on Jul 6, 2010 By: Nicolas Sarkozy Source:

  2. "All of us who have worked with him are shocked by the reports," Corzine said. "Child pornography reflects a horrible debasement of children that is totally intolerable. Creating, distributing and using child pornography should be pursued...
    on Jul 28, 2008 By: Jon S Corzine Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

  3. In a clear broadside at the more hot-headed supporters of ANC president Jacob Zuma, Asmal said "populism, demagoguery, debasement of language, outrageous allegations of conspiracies (meant to interfere with the administration of justice or law...
    on Aug 22, 2008 By: Kader Asmal Source: Independent Online

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