daftness daftness


  • (n) informal terms for insanity



  • Kaye's mimicry, patter and general daftness are as deft as a surgeon's incision.


  1. But Seanmichael defended Walcott saying: "In a team already lacking goals...... , taking away one of its best finishers is nothing short of daftness."
    on Jun 2, 2010 By: Theo Walcott Source: The Sun

  2. "It's a light entertainment, designed to amuse," says Nighy, who plays a buttoned-up suburbanite with a peculiar obsession in the piece. "He's a living-statue watcher - that's part of its daftness - rather than a birdwatcher or a train...
    on Dec 23, 2009 By: Bill Nighy Source: Telegraph.co.uk

  3. "Comic Relief has established itself in the calendar as a day when kids and adults - teachers, parents - do dress up and do silly things. It's National Daftness Day," Hamilton says, pressing his nose on.
    on Mar 7, 2009 By: Andy Hamilton Source: Independent

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