daedalus daedalus  /ˈdɛ də ləs/


  • (n) (Greek mythology) an Athenian inventor who built the labyrinth of Minos; to escape the labyrinth he fashioned wings for himself and his son Icarus


  • Middleboro hires contractor for police station project

    Selectmen have hired Daedalus Projects of Boston as the project manager for the renovation of the police station that will cost between $10 million and $13 million.
    on June 24, 2013     Source: The Taunton Gazette

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  1. Nick Yee writes "The Daedalus Project have new findings and a news survey. The Daedalus Project is an ongoing online survey study of MMORPG players that started 5 years ago and has surveyed over 35,000 players. Some highlights of this issue's...
    on Oct 24, 2005 By: Nick Yee Source: Slashdot

  2. Reflecting on her father's rigid perfectionism, Bechdel asks, "Then there are those famous wings. Was Daedalus really stricken with grief when Icarus fell into the sea? Or just disappointed by the design failure?"
    on Jun 17, 2006 By: Alison Bechdel Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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