cybernetics cybernetics


  • (n) (biology) the field of science concerned with processes of communication and control (especially the comparison of these processes in biological and artificial systems)


  1. In 1948 Wiener published his famous Cybernetics, which caused a still-continuing stir in scientific circles.
  2. The late Norbert Wiener, mathematician and pioneer of the science of cybernetics, was eleven when he entered Tufts College.
  3. But Carrey doesn't need any cybernetics or silicon to rubberize his limbs.


  • Rosphere: A spherical robot perfect for exploration missions

    Robots usually have wheels, but roboticists are starting to perfect walking locomotion. But who needs that? A team from the Cybernetics Research Group at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid has designed a new robot…
    on June 23, 2013     Source:

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