cuppa cuppa


  • (n) a cup of tea


  1. And at the end of a hard day, you relax with a home-cooked meal made with locally grown organic produce, then drive home with a cuppa brewed from leaves you plucked the previous day.
  2. This whole blog is not really my cuppa tea.
  3. Having had eight hours and a cuppa, I'm more curious than enraged.


  • 7 Reasons You Might Want to Go for Another Cup of Coffee

    Whether you call it java, joe, mud, or a cuppa, one hundred million of us drink coffee every day. Sixty percent of us say we have difficulty starting our day without coffee. It’s a $30 billion business here in the United States, and for good reason: Coffee drinkers love its taste (whether black or “light and sweet”), swear by its mind-sharpening attributes, and can attest to its addictive nature ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: via Yahoo! News


  1. Mr. Steyn notes the basic newness and ingenuity of Americans, specifically in something as routine as a cup of coffee: "Continentals who grew up on Hollywood movies where the guy tells the waitress Gimme a cuppa joe" and slides over a nickel,...
    on Nov 21, 2007 By: Mark Steyn Source: Harrisonburg Daily News Record

  2. "SBS is known internationally for their success at exposing Australian viewers to the most cutting edge of international programming -- it was the perfect fit for Cuppa Coffee Studios," Shaheen added.
    on May 21, 2008 By: Adam Shaheen Source: Animation World Network

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