cult cult  /ˈkəlt/


  1. (n) followers of an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices
  2. (n) an interest followed with exaggerated zeal
  3. (n) followers of an unorthodox, extremist, or false religion or sect who often live outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader
  4. (n) a religion or sect that is generally considered to be unorthodox, extremist, or false
  5. (n) a system of religious beliefs and rituals


  1. Pictures of the Heaven's Gate mansion released by the San Diego sheriff's department illustrate the uniformity that defined the cult.
  2. A historian argues that multiculturalism threatens the ideal that binds America.
  3. In the arrival of Comet Hale-Bopp, the cult members saw a signal that their lives would end soon.


  1. Emmys: A Hilarious, Self-Deprecating Day on the 'Happy Endings' Set

    Spending time with the stars of ABC's cast-off cult favorite reveals that the third-season comedy's signature wit -- and its one-upmanship -- are just as sharp off-camera. read more        
    on June 20, 2013     Source: The Hollywood Reporter

  2. Catch a showing of cult classic Wild Zero at Odin’s Den

    No, Guitar Wolf isn’t actually playing at Odin’s Den, but the next best thing is happening: a movie night featuring Wild Zero, the cult classic in which the Japanese rockabilly-thrash band saves the world from outer-space zombies.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Orlando Weekly

  3. AC/DC Inspired The Cult's Electric

    The Cult guitarist Billy Duffy says the band owe a lot to AC/DC for inspiring classic album Electric
    on June 18, 2013     Source: antiMUSIC


  1. Catholic League president Bill Donohue said: "Hagee has waged an unrelenting war against the Catholic Church. For example, he likes calling it 'The Great Whore,' an 'apostate church,' the 'anti-Christ,' and a 'false cult system.' "
    on Apr 2, 2008 By: Bill Donohue Source: Boston Globe (registration)

  2. "Hockey is not a sport in Canada. It's a cult, it's a religion," Burke said Saturday. "It's why I love living and working in the NHL in a Canadian city [as GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs]. I love the pressure that's on the players and the...
    on Feb 27, 2010 By: Brian Burke Source: ESPN

  3. "I think it's going to be a cult film. I grew up remembering the midnight shows of 'Rocky Horror,'" Lee said. "I could definitely see this playing midnight shows for years."
    on Jan 17, 2009 By: Spike Lee Source: International Herald Tribune

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