crystallization crystallization


  1. (n) the formation of crystals
  2. (n) a rock formed by the solidification of a substance; has regularly repeating internal structure; external plane faces
  3. (n) a mental synthesis that becomes fixed or concrete by a process resembling crystal formation


  1. His earlier experiment with simplifying forms to pure abstractions had turned into a dead end, a kind of slow death by crystallization.
  2. BUSH: Well, that was, of course, the crystallization.
  3. In process of crystallization since 1933, the MARS exhibition was actually one of the most effective presentations of modern architecture and planning ever made.


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  1. "The step is not easy and is a crystallization of the joint efforts of many compatriots across the strait," Mr. Chen said, according to Xinhua, mainland China's state-run news agency.
    on Nov 3, 2008 By: Chen Shui-bian Source: New York Times

  2. "The Qixi Festival is crystallization of the romantic and poetic imagination of Chinese people," Liu said. "If we copy the western Valentine's Day with roses and chocolate, it would be reduced to a commercial tool for businessmen."
    on Aug 19, 2007 By: Liu Yong Source: China Daily

  3. "The electron microscopy is necessary for studying the entire complex because you can't crystallize the complex of ICAM-1 and the virus," Rossmann said. "That's because crystallization often takes days, weeks or months, but the complex is...
    on Jul 13, 2005 By: Michael Rossmann Source: Science Daily (press release)

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