craniotomy craniotomy


  • (n) a surgical opening through the skull


  1. On June 1 he was rushed to a second hospital where a craniotomy was performed.
  2. A delicate corneal transplant, a five-hour craniotomy, and a caesarean section were performed under light from makeshift sources; five dozen babies were delivered.
  3. To save Mona, doctors ask permission to perform a fetal craniotomy, crushing the infant's head.


  • Botched Surgery Lawsuit Won’t Suffer Affects of Tort Reform

    Wrong-site surgeries may be relatively rare and many hospitals may never experience them, but when they do occur, the results can be devastating. In April, a Missouri woman became the victim of a botched brain surgery when she was incorrectly prepped for a “left-sided craniotomy bypass" operation. After suffering from mini-strokes for nearly five years, Regina Turner was told that surgery would ...
    on June 24, 2013     Source: Injury Board

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