couscous couscous


  1. (n) a spicy dish that originated in northern Africa; consists of pasta steamed with a meat and vegetable stew
  2. (n) a pasta made in northern Africa of crushed and steamed semolina


  1. It's not really fair to say that Wally le Saharien makes the best couscous on the planet, because his is like no one else's.
  2. Add the couscous and cook 8 to 10 minutes, until tender but still al dente.
  3. For most, Arabian cuisine conjures up convivial images of heaping portions of everything from meat tagine and curried vegetable couscous to various succulent takes on lamb.


  1. Areavoices: What is couscous?

    Couscous is a kind of pasta made from semolina, the hard wheat flour used to make spaghetti, rotini, linguine, vermicelli, penne, cannelloni and all the other varieties of pasta invented by talented Italian mothers, grandmothers and chefs.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: The Fargo Forum

  2. Dining review: Weaverville's Jack of Hearts

    The Moroccan vegetable tagine, dished up with Israeli couscous, along with arugula and baby lettuce leaves. The vegetables are covered in exotic spices and just a touch of heat.
    on June 6, 2013     Source: Asheville Citizen-Times

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