country-bred country-bred


  • (adj) rough and uncouth


  1. Two fat volumes after he falls for little, country-bred Berenice, this normally irresistible Paris playboy has hardly mussed her hair.
  2. Proletarian labor, as a subject for art, was the invention of the 19th century; for that, the country-bred Millet was largely responsible.
  3. Isabel Arundell was a poor-relation of a great Roman Catholic family, convent-schooled, country-bred.


  • "If three civil rights workers in Mississippi-black, white, Christian and Jew, city-born and country-bred-could lay down their lives in freedom's cause, I know we can come together to face down the challenges of our own time," said Mr. Obama....
    on Jul 16, 2009 By: Barack Obama Source: Voice of America

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