countertenor countertenor  /ˈkaʊn tər ˌtɛ nər/


  1. (n) a male singer with a voice above that of a tenor
  2. (n) the highest adult male singing voice
  3. (adj) of or being the highest male voice; having a range above that of tenor



  1. From the Renaissance through the 18th century the countertenor was the most popular singer in Europe.
  2. Enter England's Alfred Deller, who, starting in the mid-1940s, singlehandedly revived countertenor singing.
  3. His father was a locally famous countertenor, but in fact the entire family was talented and the house never silent.



  • "Everybody has this idea that the countertenor voice is more fragile than any other, but the voice has evolved," says Daniels, who will stretch his voice into the 20th century to sing Brahms, Hahn, Finzi and Elgar at the Wigmore Hall next year.
    on Nov 26, 2009 By: David Daniels Source: Times Online

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