countersuit countersuit  /ˈkaʊn tər ˌsut/


  • (n) a suit brought against someone who has sued you


  1. Last Thursday, the abbot filed a countersuit against the government, alleging that the charges against him violate both the constitution and his human rights.
  2. In a countersuit, General Atomic denies all allegations and asks that United be forced to fulfill the contracts.
  3. He filed a countersuit for the $900,000 which he claimed to have lost by not reaching the sale promptly.


  • School District Sues Murphy for $10 Million

    Tweet In a countersuit against former District 5 School Board member Kim Murphy, Lexington-Richland School 5 officials are asking for $10 million in losses they say resulted from Murphy’s extended litigation against the district.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Free Times


  1. "It's just talk," Mosley told Telegraph Sport of Briatore's threat to sue the Piquets. "A little bit of boasting to the Italian press. The fact is if he went after the Piquets there would be a countersuit that would make his eyes water. In...
    on Jan 6, 2010 By: Max Mosley Source:

  2. "We plan to file a countersuit against Microsoft within the next two weeks for false accusation and harassment," Richter said.
    on Dec 19, 2003 By: Scott Richter Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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