costless costless


  • (adj) costing nothing



  1. Proponents of the plan say the plan would be costless, and might even turn a profit.
  2. There were no good, costless choices over NATO expansion, much less over Kosovo.


  • A Glimpse Of Things To Come: KKR Suspends First Data's 401(k), Replaces Cash Bonuses With Stock

    With the untapering due any minute, and cost of debt set to plunge to even lower record levels, one thing is certain: the private equity industry is about to be bathed with even more costless credit and, with a portfolio of companies already accounting for 8% of US GDP , is about to accelerate its "going private" take over of America's corporations. Of course, in the pursuit of the almighty ...
    on July 16, 2013     Source: Zero Hedge

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