cosiness cosiness


  • (n) a state of warm snug comfort



  1. Monocle: Alaskan politicians have a bit of a reputation for cosiness with lobbyist and 'under-the-table' favours.
  2. Forsaking All Others has a set, a combination of cosiness and opulence, executed by Donald Oenslager, which may be recorded as the best-looking stage drawing room on Broadway.
  3. What it lacks in design kudos, it gains in historic interest and cosiness.


  1. "We've created islands of cosiness," Bierhoff said at the news conference. "We wanted to make sure the players don't spend all their free time in their rooms but come downstairs where they will find comfortable rooms instead of just a lobby."
    on Jun 4, 2008 By: Oliver Bierhoff Source:

  2. Lehmann, a £1million signing from Borussia Dortmund last summer, said: "I left the cosiness of the Bundesliga and now I am a little light in a big club. Lots of things can happen."
    on Apr 27, 2004 By: Jens Lehmann Source: This is London

  3. "The Rugby World Cup will be hosted during the windiest, wettest and most unpleasant time of the year on Queens Wharf. The historic Shed 10 would provide shelter, a huge open space, cosiness and a sensible solution," said Mr Banks, who is...
    on Apr 14, 2010 By: John Banks Source: New Zealand Herald

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