copperplate copperplate


  1. (n) a graceful style of handwriting based on the writing used on copperplate engravings
  2. (n) a print made from an engraved copperplate
  3. (n) an engraving consisting of a smooth plate of copper that has been etched or engraved


  1. But her 464-page biography of the famous night rider, silversmith, dentist, bell caster, copperplate engraver, and revolutionary politician is absorbing reading.
  2. Wildly cluttered display cases and fading labels, handwritten in copperplate script, speak of the period's voraciously eclectic mania for collecting.
  3. Muirhead Bone secreted himself from reporters and explored the byways of Manhattan with his pad and copperplate.


  • ‘Fascinating, unpredictable’ artist to give lecture at ETSU

    Artist Sandow Birk produced a series of 10 copperplate etchings, each depicting one of the 10leading causes of death in America. Featured above is his “Accidents” etching. Birk will speak at ETSU on Tuesday, Sept. 27 from 7 to 9 p.m. in Ball Hall Auditorium, Room 127.
    on July 28, 2013     Source: East Tennessean

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