convexity convexity


  1. (n) the property possessed by a convex shape
  2. (n) a shape that curves or bulges outward



  1. No celestial beast was missing; goat, unicorn, fish, lion, hurrying crab crowds its shining convexity.
  2. This habit creates an excessive lenticular convexity which, over a period of time, causes a focal point in front of the retina, thereby producing a myopic or nearsighted condition.
  3. This convexity, this pimple of curiosity, this wart of circumspection, is indeed worthy of jest.


  • Treasury Yields Spike To New 14 Month Highs

    30Y rates are up 4bps and 10Y rates up 5bps as a combination of MBS convexity hedging, Taper chatter, and growth hopiness flutter across the bond market. This has backed 10Y and 30Y rates up to their highest since April 2012 - getting close to some significant support/resistance from the last few years. Mortgage spreads have stabilized up here at their highest since July (around 83bps) but just ...
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Zero Hedge

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