conversationalist conversationalist  /ˌkɑn vər ˈseɪ ʃə nə ləst/


  • (n) someone skilled at conversation



  1. He is a dime-store philosopher, a drugstore cowboy, a men's room conversationalist.
  2. Biographer Pearson's portrait of Wilde the conversationalist, critic, playboy and playwright is more convincing, though here too, at points, his admiration carries him away.
  3. Your attempt at being a good conversationalist was genuine, and he deserves what he got.


  • Letter: Things to be admired

    Big things are to be admired, even stupidity. So said Samuel Johnson, 18th century lexicographer, critic, poet and conversationalist. All of which brings to mind regulations, ordinances, procedures and so forth that stultify progress.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Gloucester-Mathews Gazette-Journal


  1. "He's a great conversationalist and a good listener," says Richard Epstein, a law school professor who was not a close friend. "But he never tips his hand to what he thinks. You feel you're on stage and have to perform. ...... At the end of...
    on Aug 22, 2008 By: Richard Epstein Source: Monterey County Herald

  2. "He is going to be super-hit as he is doing what he is best at. He is an intelligent conversationalist and he made it obvious on the show," said Neeraj Kumar, a Delhi-based professional
    on Jan 22, 2007 By: Neeraj Kumar Source: Telugu Portal

  3. "He is the greatest conversationalist that has been on television, and he is the patron saint of sports commentators," said CBS Sports announcer Jim Nantz. "You can put him in context with anyone - Lucille Ball, Ed Sullivan - among the...
    on Jun 7, 2008 By: Jim Nantz Source: Houston Chronicle

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