contumacious contumacious


  • (adj) wilfully obstinate; stubbornly disobedient


  1. A born leader as well as a born pusher, Peter fights famines and bad drainage, jousts with floods, earthquakes and contumacious natives.
  2. Making a hard living, Australians developed into a tough, contumacious, raffish people, inveterately hostile to authority, and looking at the world with a fresh, irreverent eye.
  3. Butler invaded science and theology with the same contumacious temerity.


  • Thoughts & Views: What’s in a (street) name?

    Okay, boys and girls, our new word for today is “contumacious.” According to the dictionary, that’s: con·tu·ma·cious. Adjective. Pronounced: kon-tuh- MAY-shuhs or kon-too-MAYshuhs.
    on June 6, 2013     Source: Observer

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