contrabass contrabass


  1. (n) largest and lowest member of the violin family
  2. (adj) pitched an octave below normal bass instrumental or vocal range


  1. Low B flat, the lowest tone in music that is not just a grunt, is sounded in orchestras by the contrabassoon or the contrabass tuba.
  2. Sometimes his right hand, sometimes his left, flew from the keyboard long enough to let his will be emphatically known to violinists, 'cellists, viola and contrabass players.
  3. At 14 he went to Moscow to study, chose for his instrument the bull fiddle, toured Europe for ten years as a contrabass virtuoso.


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    Contrabass virtuoso Bert Turetzky joined forces with Chuck Perrin to present a night of bass and poetry -- specifically the works of Pablo Neruda and Jack Kerouac -- to a large and attentive audience on June 14 at Dizzy's in Pacific Beach.
    on June 16, 2013     Source: San Diego Reader


  1. "I played contrabass with the Havana Philharmonic for 30 years," says Cachao, who first joined the orchestra at the age of 13.
    on Sep 22, 2007 By: Cachao Lopez Source:

  2. As Garcia told me by phone from LA: "I was in a store, and saw this album with a cover showing a guy holding a big contrabass like a guitar, and all these crazy guys smiling. It was a record that changed my life. As I learnt later from other...
    on Apr 30, 2007 By: Andy Garcia Source: Times Online

  3. "Originally, the sound department was trying to use the sounds of elephants, lions and eagles, but none of these recordings turned out to be useful," says Ifukube, 89. "So I proposed the idea to use the sound of a contrabass, which has a very...
    on May 1, 2004 By: Akira Ifukube Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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