conscientious conscientious  /ˌkɑn ʃi ˈɛn ʃəs/


  1. (adj) characterized by extreme care and great effort
  2. (adj) guided by or in accordance with conscience or sense of right and wrong


Derived Word(s)


  1. A conscientious objection applicant is sent to Iraq; he thinks he shouldn't be there at all.
  2. His conscientious-objector application is being processed, but so far, one military official has recommended against its approval, he said.
  3. Like any conscientious movie critic, I do what I can to avoid clichs, and since I am only human I dont always succeed.


  1. PhillyDeals: Collapse tragedy points to deeper city shortcomings

    Running Philadelphia can look like a child's game. Rock, paper, scissors: After landlord Richard Basciano hired a bankrupt contractor recommended by a formerly bankrupt architect to hire a marijuana-smoking ex-offender to knock down a building on Center City's main street, a few knowledgeable and conscientious citizens - an arc
    on June 12, 2013     Source:

  2. Edward Snowden: Criminal or Model Citizen?

    If everything Edward Snowden says is true, he is a criminal whose actions may have endangered American lives. He is also a conscientious citizen, risking career and liberty to expose what he believes to be grave wrongdoing. This is the paradox underlying government surveillance programs in general, and in particular the shaky foundations of the U.S. national security apparatus.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Bloomberg


  1. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."
    on Jun 16, 2010 By: Martin Luther King Source: Canada Free Press

  2. "I therefore intend to oppose this nomination," Kennedy said in remarks prepared for the Senate floor. "Judge Mukasey appears to be a careful, conscientious and intelligent lawyer, and he has served our country honorably for many years. But...
    on Nov 1, 2007 By: Edward Kennedy Source: Forbes

  3. "I've been telling people for three years how good Zetterberg is," said Babcock. "And so this isn't a surprise to me. He's just a conscientious good two-way player. So is Datsyuk."
    on Jun 2, 2006 By: Mike Babcock Source: 940 News

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