comatose comatose  /ˈkoʊ mə ˌtoʊs/


  1. (adj) relating to or associated with a coma
  2. (adj) in a state of deep and usually prolonged unconsciousness; unable to respond to external stimuli


  1. Catherine is slaving to break through to a little boy who is comatose from advanced schizophrenia, using an experimental technique that allows her to enter his subconscious.
  2. A secondary plot involves Harris' romance with Blair Brown, an affair tainted by the fact that Harris' wife lies comatose in the hospital.
  3. The plot is as complicated as the set design, which features a nightmarish underworld into which Stu plunges after a car accident leaves him comatose.


  1. Discharge and deport: The fate of many undocumented immigrants in hospitals

    While Congress debates immigration and health reform, one aspect of care for undocumented immigrants is not likely to change. That is the often invisible hospital practice of transporting sick and sometimes comatose patients to other countries.
    on June 7, 2013     Source:

  2. Four charged with shooting man in head

    GREENVILLE — A door-knocking, car-stopping community canvass and around-the-clock detective work put three men and a 15-year-old boy behind bars in a shooting that left a man comatose.
    on June 7, 2013     Source: The Wilson Times

  3. 2:55 P.M.: When Productivity Dies

    You're not getting anything done in the afternoon. So what can you do about it? You're cross-eyed from monitor glare, comatose from lunch digestion, and you don't even realized you just opened up Facebook: It's 2:55 in the afternoon, the time of day when productivity dies. Deconstructing the dip's recent poll of 420 British office workers, while not incredibly scientifically ...
    on June 6, 2013     Source: Fast Company Magazine


  1. "There were two injured guys who came back on the plane with us who were essentially comatose throughout the whole way. One had lost two limbs - a left arm and a right arm - and another guy who was saved by his mate's body being in the way but took...
    on Mar 2, 2008 By: Prince Harry Source:

  2. "I have worked overnight for several such events and have been truly astounded by what I have seen," said Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, an emergency room physician at California Hospital Medical Center. "There is something about seeing a comatose,...
    on Jul 7, 2010 By: Elizabeth Mitchell Source: Kansas City Star

  3. "We had no idea this was going to be the next salvo from our beloved opponents. I wasn't in the hospital when the CID swooped down on the ICU (intensive care unit) section where my dad is kept. My mother was with my comatose father when they asked...
    on May 21, 2009 By: Adnan Sami Source: Sify

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