coffeepot coffeepot


  • (n) tall pot in which coffee is brewed


  • 5 Strategies For Becoming A Morning Person

    I am not a morning person. Whereas my husband and son both bounce out of bed without so much as a longing glance at the covers, I hit the snooze button until the last possible second, then sleepwalk toward the coffeepot and the shower, in that order. Try to speak to me before I've had my first cup, and you'll get an incoherent mumble at best (we won't talk about the worst).
    on July 11, 2013     Source: Forbes


  1. "It ain't no use to sit and wonder why - they kept the coffeepot, I got the dog," the 21-year-old McKay said in a statement. "All that matters to me is that I can continue to make irritating music which will baffle and enrage."
    on Jan 3, 2006 By: Nellie McKay Source:

  2. "As amazing as all of this might look to us now, it's like Mosaic, or blink tag, or those first coffeepot webcams," said Smarr. "If live 4K digital cinema from Japan is a clumsy first step for optical networks, I can't wait to see what the...
    on Sep 30, 2005 By: Larry Smarr Source: Wired News

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