clytemnestra clytemnestra


  • (n) (Greek mythology) wife of Agamemnon who had him murdered when he returned from the Trojan War


  1. Whambulance Wednesday 7/31/13

    First off, we'd like to thank you, Clytemnestra, for drawing attention to the delicate subject of bullying. Sometimes we need that not-so-gentle reminder to be kind to all the voiceless...
    on August 1, 2013     Source: E! Online

  2. Mad Queen Butchers Innocent Ram, Horrible Husband: Music

    The tone for Sergey Taneyev’s “Oresteia” is set soon after the curtain goes up, when Queen Clytemnestra, dressed in a white bathrobe and surrounded by joyous servants, slits a ram’s throat to honor her husband Agamemnon’s return from Troy.
    on July 30, 2013     Source: Bloomberg

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